An Important Message from AETA International

"The AETA International Trade Show is truly the "best in show." We're excited to have you join us in August! However, in order to ensure the survival of AETA and the show, we had to make some changes this year. AETA has just been informed that the IRS is questioning the appropriateness of offering "AETA bucks" and "golden tickets," and that giving away these items may place the organization's non-profit status in jeopardy.   We are waiting to get a final determination from the IRS about the legality of these programs but don't expect an answer from them until after the August trade show.

As a result, effective immediately, we are removing AETA bucks and golden tickets from our trade shows. We understand this may be disappointing – but we are looking forward to the many, creative opportunities we'll have at this year's show to help one another grow within the equine industry."