Buyer Registration

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Approved Buyers

If you attended the AETA International Trade Show in January 2017, August 2017 or January 2018, you are an approved buyer.    All approved buyers were pre-registered to attend the August 2018 trade show.   Please make sure to bring your ID to Registration when you arrive at the Expo Center.   

New Buyers

If you are interested in attending the AETA International Trade Show in August 2018 and have not attended one of the last 3 shows, you are considered a new buyer.  
Please bring the documents below to Registration in order to be approved to attend.  You MUST bring the documents listed below or you will not be able to attend the trade show.

Store Identification

Sales and Use Tax Permit, plus any three of the following:

  • Business Incorporation document or copy of lease agreement/deed
  • State Vendors License
  • Recent business advertisement
  • Picture of store front
  • Copy of three (3) current invoices (last 6 months) over $500.00 each from wholesale suppliers
  • An active website address through which business can be verified

Please note: Mail order companies should provide a catalog.

Individual Buyer Identification

Individuals attending with a qualified store need to provide one of the following:

  • Valid employee email address
  • Personalized, imprinted business card
  • Copy of W-2 form
  • Copy of cancelled company payroll check or check stub
  • Copy of company credit card with employee’s name and company’s name