Join an AETA Committee Today! 

Communications Committee

  • Oversee the website, quarterly newsletter and social media
  • Oversee various trade show items
  • Produce trade show advertising in trade publications
  • Produce AETA ad in Market Directory of each trade show
  • Oversee process of trade show eblasts from exhibitors to designated lists

Events Committee 

  • Oversee all AETA programs at the trade show, including the following programs:
  • Investigate Fashion Show for 2020
  • Direct & produce Panel Session and the Mane Event / Reception
  • Run any charity events or raffles
  • Set up and judge Booth Awards

Exhibitor Relations Committee

  • Oversee Exhibitor buyer registration
  • Oversee the delivery of AETA 2020
  • Support the delivery of the best exhibitor experience we can deliver at Oaks

Membership (Buyers and Exhibitors)

  • Oversee membership recruitment and retention
  • May include phone calls by committee members to non-renewals
  • Review membership categories and benefits
  • Establish and increase member benefits

Trade Show Committee

  • Investigate & recommend Future Location and Dates

 Committee Meeting Approximately For an Hour Once a Month. If you have an interest in joining a committee, please contact [email protected].