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AETA’s staff wants you to get the most out of your experience with AETA. We are available to serve you, so please do not hesitate to call with any question or concern that you may have.

American Equestrian Trade Association
2207 Forest Hills Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17112
Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. eastern time
Phone: (717) 724-0204
Fax: (717) 238-9985

alt Lisa M. Ruggiers – Executive Director
Lisa has the staff leadership role and works with the AETA Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, Bylaws & Policy Committee and Nominating Committee. Lisa works with the Board to develop a yearly workplan that recognizes and implements the goals of AETA, as well as approves an annual budget, provides facilitative support to the Board of Directors and committees, including preparation of agenda and materials; minutes preparation and distribution; and other meeting logistics, as well as follow-up after meetings; guides the Board in the development and updates of the Bylaws and Policy Manual; protects the assets of AETA through proper legal and insurance support, banking arrangements, and adequate record keeping; manages AETA staff; and other duties as required.

alt                                          Angela Burkett – Membership Director
Angela is responsible for membership recruitment and retention, database maintenance and updates, member benefits and a membership directory. Angela works with the membership committee.

Michelle Keyser  Communications Director
Michelle oversees all aspects of communications for AETA, including all e-communication, the website, social media and the development and production of all publications, including AETA News. Michelle works with the Communications Committee.

Lori Zelesko - Events Director
The Events Director works with the Trade Show Committee to oversee and implement the Buyer Incentive Workbook Program, Exhibitor Tear-Down Bags, and booth awards. The Director also works with the Education Committee to develop educational opportunities during the trade shows and throughout the year.
    Courtney Kuntz – Assistant Communications Director
Courtney assists the Communications Director in overseeing all e-communications, marketing materials and website management.

Sam Dougherty – Communications Associate
Sam is responsible for e-communications, marketing materials and website management.


Jennifer Swartz – Finance Administrator 
Jennifer runs and distributes monthly treasurer reports and works with the accountant to file the Form 990 with the IRS. She handles all accounts payable and receivable for AETA.

Leona Wagner – Database Management Administrator 

Leona serves as the primary support for membership, finance and events. She is responsible for all database entry and updating information.

Jamie Hoffman – Events Specialist
Jamie assists the Events Director in the planning and execution of events.

Krista Olewine  – Finance Specialist
Krista works closely with the Finance Administrator and is responsible for creating and distributing invoices as requested and credit card processing.

 Joci Sykes – Office Specialist
Joci serves as the primary administrative contact.
Sally O'Shea – Trade Show Manager

As the AETA International Trade Show Manager, Sally is responsible for the overall production of the show. Her duties include coordinating logistics, managing contracts, collaborating with vendors and overseeing other activities as needed.