Past Educational Seminars

For a number of years, AETA has been a strong proponent about offering educational opportunities for retailers, manufacturers/distributors and sales reps to help with their businesses. The topics covered have included: merchandising, marketing & promotion, social media, inventory control, effective selling, etc. From actual seminar presentations by industry leaders to the most recent roundtable discussions chaired by peers in each category,
education has been accessible to both members and non-members attending the AETA trade shows.

Marketing & Promotion

AETA EDGE: Bite-Sized Learning (January 2018) 50 Top Marketing Tips
presented by Amanda MacDonald, Full Gallop Media

Leveraging Your Sales in the New Marketing Landscape
presented by Anne Cecil, Visionary & Resourceful Opportunist, ONO Made In The 191

With the advent of social media, sales strategy has changed dramatically. We’ve moved from a one-sided “push” model
to a two-way conversation. Whether you are a vendor or retailer, you must connect with your end user. In this session we’ll discuss how to create a dialogue with your end user that converts them to fans, how to leverage social media ads
to find new customers, and how to create partnerships where everyone wins.

Manufacturing and Marketing Jewelry in the Equine Industry 
presented by Kelly Herd, Kelly Herd Jewelry

Marketing that Works!
presented by Jordan Manfredi, Big Red Advisory Group


Merchandising Difficult Items
presented by Kristen Ainscoe, Visual Merchandising Expert, Drexel University, ONO, KFA Consulting

Merchandising equestrian products can be a challenge. Horse and rider clothing and accessories aren’t bad, but what
do you do with the non-sexy support items – brushes, curry combs, leather bits and bobs? We’ll show you some creative ways to approach these items and then take on some of your own. Bring your most difficult item to merchandise and work with our expert to develop unique solutions on the fly. We will examine the coordination of physical space so that the right image is projected to the customer that will ultimately change a passive looker into an active buyer.

Social Media

How to Use Social Media to Drive Website Traffic 
presented by Andrea Janssen, Masterminds

AETA EDGE: Bite-Sized Learning (January 2018) Facebook Strategy Sessions
presented by Amanda MacDonald, Full Gallop Media

This presentation describes how to maximize your Facebook presence on any budget. This four-section presentation covers the following topics: How to Gain Facebook Fans for Free, How to Create Your Facebook Ad, Optimizing Your Facebook Campaign,and Setting up a Live Facebook Video.  

Inventory Control

The Secret to Better Buying and Inventory Management 
presented by Peggy and Mike Taylor, Management One, Inc.

Effective Selling & Branding

How to Sell More Saddles 
presented by Ruth Hanks, Smith-Worthington Saddlery

10 Tips Every Retailer Should Know  
presented by John Nunn, Nunn Finer Products

Customer Retention at Brand and Retail 
presented by Sharon Perrin, Kathryn Lily Equestrian


Equestrian Helmets: Certification Explained, Proper Fit and Liability 
presented by Shay Timms, Troxel, LLC

Thank you to our past education sponsors!