Trade Show Information

Join us in Dallas, TX for the rescheduled AETA 2021 Trade Show!

Show Dates will be: January 14 thru 17th

We are moving in a new direction and want to explain the steps we have taken to get here. We are very excited to announce that we are partnering with Dallas Market Center in Dallas, TX. This partnership will create a new, permanent home for our organization which will debut in Dallas on January 14, 2021. This is also when WESA will be moving to Dallas for the first time, creating a great deal of excitement and unification in the equestrian industry. Both AETA and WESA will be represented in a parallel style at this dynamic, state of the art trade show. Therefore, the planned August AETA in PA will move to Dallas, TX, January 14-17, 2021.

How did this happen? To be completely transparent, we want all of our AETA members to understand that we have been working for months to find a viable option for our trade show platform. Obviously, the declining attendance over the last several years has prompted this discussion. We began over 6 months ago looking at different locations, speaking to other organizations and facilities, and discussing with several business leaders what would be ideal for AETA. Adding the pandemic to this situation has only underscored the need for a decision. We were able to use this pandemic to release ourselves from costly commitments and a declining marketplace that our organization was no longer able to support.

If you recall the last survey that was sent to our AETA community, we inquired about possibly partnering with WESA and we found that responses were split but open. Following that, we investigated east coast options but the Dallas location offered so much more support and growth for our organization, not to mention, full-time employees committed to our success. The Dallas Market Center has skin in the game in that our success is their success. 

Further, Dallas Market Center is very buyer-centric. They have a vested interest in contacting and communicating with every buyer on a national and world wide stage. In their continued buyer support, all buyers attend FREE.

Truly, we believe that the way to survive, in fact, thrive, is to present a unified, dynamic trade show. In addition, the delay to January, allows for business to reopen, the economy to rebuild, and travel confidence to return. 


Dallas Market Center


Zandy Carnes | Dallas Market Center | AETA Manager
214-655-6157 | [email protected]


Benefits of 2021 Partnership with DMC:

Better Business Opportunities

Whether you’re an exhibitor or a buyer we think Dallas offers the best opportunity to help your business thrive. That’s more important today than ever before. In addition to a convenient location, Dallas Market Center offers a modern facility, support services, and marketplace features that we all need. For exhibitors, that means access to more buyers representing more store types visiting Dallas from the west coast and east coast. It also means solid promotion of the show to a wider range of prospects and dedicated staff to help deliver them, including a full-time Dallas associate dedicated to AETA. There are also huge opportunities to leverage their team for creating new business including international. For buyers, that means access to more product categories and opportunities for easy discovery and ordering during AETA events but also during their separate events including Apparel & Accessories shows, Gift & Home shows, Western Markets and WESA shows.

A Safe and Secure Marketplace

We know that the health and safety of all show participants will continue to be a critically important value. Dallas Market Center by action and by design has this covered. They have put in place guidelines that balance good business with good health during uncertain times when everyone is being understandably cautious. They also have a facility that by its very design is welcoming but also spacious, easy to navigate, and has on-site services to make the experience comfortable, safe, and convenient.

Focused On The Buyer

Buyers deserve an event facility and a host dedicated to serving them at every turn. In Dallas, their staff is committed to customer success. I know buyers will love the ease and efficiency—registration is swift, transportation to the various floors is plentiful, and they can easily discover exhibits and new products. That’s why more than 80% of customers in Dallas don’t even visit other shows or marketplaces. They are loyal to Dallas and for good reason. Additionally, AETA buyers will pay NO FEES to attend the Dallas Market Center show.

We’re excited about this new partnership and the opportunities ahead. A media announcement has been issued, followed by more information to you regarding how to plan for the inaugural event in Dallas. We look forward to seeing you in January.


FAQ's for 2021: 

Q: Why is AETA moving to Dallas?

A: Even in the best of economic conditions, AETA Trade Show attendee traffic has been declining for the last several years. Dallas Market Center has dedicated full time staff to reach out to new and current buyers/retailers. In addition, the weather in Philadelphia was always difficult in January. Also, we strongly believe the Industry is stronger together.


Q: Will there be an August show?

A: August 2020 AETA has been postponed until January. For 2021, Dallas will host a January and August Trade Fair for AETA & WESA


Q: Do I have to be an AETA member? 

A: Exhibitors will either have to be a AETA or WESA member to show at the Dallas Mart for both the January and August shows. Additionally, AETA buyers will pay NO FEES to attend the Dallas Market Center show.


Q: Is AETA and WESA merging?

A: No, both organizations will be represented by Dallas Market Center and will work alongside each other in a parallel manner


Q: What happens if I paid for a booth in August 2020? 

A: You should have received an email from AETA, on how we will service you. But in short, automatically get the same square footage in the Dallas Mart with premium placement for the coming January, 2021 trade show, which will be held with WESA. However if you would like a refund that is possible. 


Q: Advantages to maintaining your booth commitment with AETA, now managed by Dallas Market Center

  • Premium position at the AETA Trade show in Dallas

  • 2 Complimentary hotel nights for the show

  • Complimentary AETA Membership through 2021


Q: How will the Dallas Market Center choose our booth locations?

A: Dallas will use our previous AETA floor plan as a guide for this new location. 


Q: What about booths that are stored in Philadelphia?

A: If your are booth is being stored by GES, we will be able to facilitate the transportation to Dallas


Q: Who should I contact if I have questions?

A:  Zandy Carnes | Dallas Market Center | AETA Manager
214-655-6157 | [email protected] |



Travel for 2021

Let Dallas Market Center do your travel booking to get exclusive rates and discounts. Click here (and select “WESA & AETA Market”) to connect with their Travel team and explore options for airfare, hotels, restaurants and more. 

 You’ll be pleased to know their campus is 10 minutes from Love Field and 20 minutes from DFW International Airport. A short train ride can conveniently drop you at Dallas Market Center.  

 There are more than 10,000 3+ star hotel rooms within a 5-mile radius of market.

 If you have further questions, contact the Travel team at 214-744-7444 or [email protected].